Self Defence For Girls

India is a land of woman warriors like Rani Chennamma, Rani LakshmiBai etc. Brave Women who knew how to defend themselves as well as their motherland.Did you know that in olden days of Unniyarcha, women used to use their bare hands to break coconuts for kitchen purposes, in Kerala ?. There were times when all were trained in self defence techniques from childhood to boost their self confidence and self esteem.This was part of our Indian heritage.our life style.Times have changed, life styles changed.

Focus became more on class room education and the heritage education got sidelined.The positive impact is that getting jobs are easier,but the negative impact came for the confidence and self esteem.Now a days it is quite common that ladies work in night shifts also at late evenings either in colleges or in the offices for shifts and have to travel back home alone or in unsafe conditions.Isn’t it a good idea to be aware, be prepared with confidence Offered by our own rich traditional knowledge and life style?.

Special self defense classes provided for girls at all these training centers.Separate coaching given for increasing confidence and alertness. Simple techniques like locking an opponent is very effective and some of them can be learnt in few weeks time.A program on this training module was telecast on ZEE Kannada television channel.

Students of Parashurama Vallabhatta Kalari Academy Bangalore has recently conducted a demo on self defence techniques for girls. This was done for TV 9 Kannada channel